So, Hello And Welcome To My French-Oriented Internet Marketing Blog!

Hi, my name is Andrew Collins. I know you’ve read about me using the friendly sidebar just beside me. Not to repeat what it just said, I’ll just say that I love France. The French culture has always allured my senses. It may be because I was watching too many French movies or my father once travelled to France and gave home some souvenirs, especially those snow globes of famous landmarks in the country. I also love the people; the French are the friendliest people (yes I may be biased) and well, most expressive people I’ve met. Some of my neighbours had been telling me stories and I told myself that now would be the best time to travel.


Hey, Who Are You?!

By profession, I’m an Internet marketing expert, or an Internet marketer to make it shorter. I don’t own a company, I consider myself a professional, or rather an independent business or freelancer. Living in the United Kingdom, I’ve helped make some small to medium enterprises grow their traffic and profit through online marketing and selling. I have some people left to make sure my UK business clients continue to bolster their progress as I begin my trek in France.

Why France?

The Internet usage topography in France is similar to the United Kingdom and much to the entirety of Europe. Over 22 million Facebook users reside in France. The average age for Facebook users is between 35 and 44. Most of these people have stable jobs with active income to successful retirees or businessmen who are earning above average.

However, the French aren’t too fond of Twitter. It might be because it’s a bit limiting to express one’s self. Doing away with this stereotype, statistics show that highly-educated or French people who finished college or have post-graduate degrees use Twitter. I’m actually thinking that “hey, it would be easier to penetrate the professional scene using Twitter marketing,” if I would greatly consider this stastistic.

What Is Your Analysis for the Future of Online Marketing?

Web marketing has evolved throughout the years. For the second half of the decade, France has almost 61 million mobile phone users, with the smartphone dominating the arena very fast. Based on my research, video marketing will be effective in France. It’s internet speed has reached 3G level on over 70% of its population in 2009. Now, 4G is beginning to claim dominance with smartphone users.

Aside from video, I see responsive website designs and one-page websites big factors in increasing the Internet marketing share of French small and medium businesses.

Oh, I’ve Had Enough

Well, I think I got too carried away talking about the French Internet marketing status ripe for lead generation instead of talking with you guys. But then again, if I wrote something personal here, it wouldn’t be quite a “professional” blog now, would it? But then again, if you have some inquiries or questions about the Internet marketing tips I’ll be posting, hit me up, or you could just share it in the comments below!

I hope you’ll find all the information I share from this blog useful. I don’t really intend to grow this blog’s traffic, but I intend to grow yours.

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